Equity Funding

Whether you are you an early stage business or an established business with a great product or idea but lacking the financial resources to take the business to the next level, Equity Funding can be a great way to inject the capital you need to take your business to the next level and beyond.

Equity Funding means selling some of the shares in your business in exchange for immediate capital and support.  This does not mean that you give up part of your business forever as most investors are happy to agree to sell back their share of the equity when the business achieves their goals.

Generally, investors providing Equity Funding are interested in high growth potential and want to work with business owners who are committed to realising this potential.

This type of lending is usually considered after traditional lending options such as Business Loans through high street lenders have been exhausted.  Investors, or Business Angels as some are known are willing to consider both existing and young businesses who can offer the potential of an attractive return on their capital.

We have access to specialist Equity Funders, Equity Crowd Funding and individual Business Angels with funds available to support businesses with funding where the risk may be considered too high for traditional funders.

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