Generally there is no such thing as “free money”, however there are hundreds of different Grants available now for all sizes of businesses in the area around the Humber and across Yorkshire & Lincolnshire.

Grants tend to be available to encourage new and growing businesses to bring wealth into an area and ultimately to create jobs.

We have helped source grants to:
– Provide a deposit towards a Commercial Mortgage to buy a new premises
– To finance new machinery as part of an asset finance package
– To help improve internal processes
– For Research and Development
– Explore new markets and International Trade
– Help finance new staff costs and apprenticeships
– and many other reasons

With over 400 grants listed nationally we work with local support organisations and the LEP to help our clients access grants they are eligible for.

Contact the team at Elite Corporate Solutions. We can help you access Grants in your area and discuss how Grants can help finance your business alongside other traditional finance options such as Business Loans to protect your working capital


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