Secured Business Loan

Lenders may require security where the perceived risk is higher, either as result of the amount being borrowed or because of the risk profile of the business or reason for borrowing. Where this is the case we can assist you by sourcing a Secured Business Loan through one of our many lending providers.

Security can take many forms including, a third-party guarantee, a first or second charge over property, cash or stocks & shares, company assets etc. Even works of art or valuable jewellery are considered by some lenders.

As with an Unsecured Business Loan, the funds raised from a Secured Business Loan can be used for many different purposes and agreed over terms from one month to twenty years.

As the cost of arranging security is charged in addition to an arrangement, lenders tend to look at an Unsecured Business Loan for smaller amounts therefore a Secured Business Loan would normally start from £25,000 but can be arranged for several million with suitable security and a proven ability to repay the loan.

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