Start Up Loan Applicaion

Self Help Guide

Below is a pictoral guide to completing the eligibility test for the Start Up Loan.

Help video for applying for a Start Up Loan

On clicking the “Check Eligibility” Button, you will be directed to the page above which is the start page for the eligibility check completed by the Government Loan Schemes delivery partner, Transmit StartUp.

Simply enter your first name, last name, valid email address and your contact phone number. Then click the button “take me to the Start Up Loans Website”.

Help video for applying for a Start Up Loan

This is the page that you will be taken to on the British Business Bank to ask a few questions to ensure that you are eligible at a basic level for the Start Up Loan.


This is the pre-registration page to explain to you what a start-up loan is, how much each director can take individually and the main positive points of taking a start-up loan. 

This page is where you will enter your personal information and contact details these will be saved and used throughout the application process making it easier for you to complete the application process.

Once you have completed the personal information page you will be presented with this thank you page. Once you reach this page the British Business Bank will send you an email with an account activation link once you have activated your account you will then be presented with a page to create your own password which will then allow you to login to the portal at any point to continue or view your application and its progress.

This is to confirm the contact details that you previously entered. And also to take some more general details about you as a person such as Date of Birth, Gender, Martial Status, National Insurance Number and Current Employment Status.

This page is all about your housing and living, the questions on this page will ask you about where you live I.E. your address, if you are a homeowner, renting, etc. when you moved into your house. If you haven’t lived in your current residence for at least 3 years they will ask you for your previous address

This is the start of the credit check process, the questions on this page will ask you how much you would like to borrow and how long you’d like to take the loan out for and you will have to then confirm that your Name, Date of Birth, House Number, Street, Town/City and Postal Address details are all correct.

This page is to ask for details surrounding your business or the business that you are looking to startup. This includes the Business Name, a description of your business, the main trading activities, the Business Sector that the business comes under, and a sub-industry that your business comes under if the business is currently trading. This is all general information for your business and what you intend to do with the business.

This page is for the documents that you are required to upload for the British Business Bank to complete your application. These documents are a Business Plan, A Personal Survival Budget, Sales Assumptions and a Business Cashflow Forecast. Once this page is completed you will be taken back to the portal and you will receive emails as your application moves through the system.

For security purposes, please provide your  email address.

For security purposes, please provide your  email address.

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