Product Type Finance Availability Time to Implement
Asset Finance

Plant & Machinery Refinance

Asset Purchase

Staged Payment on Purchases

£15,000 to £15 Million 1 to 3 weeks *
Cashflow Finance

Unsecured Business Loans

Secured Business Loans

£3,000 to 500,000 2 days to 1 week
Secured Overdraft (non-bank) £150,000 to £3 Million Within 14 days
Merchant Cash Advance £30,000 to £350,000 Within 10 days
Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance


Selective Invoice Finance

£100,000 to £25 Million 3 days to 4 weeks*
Stock Purchase

Sold Order Finance

Overseas & UK Stock Purchases

£50,000 to unlimited 3 days to 3 weeks*

* Dependant on the complexity of the case and the need for external valuations.


The table above provides a quick reference guide to some of the products we may use to provide a bespoke solution to help support cashflow issues for UK businesses during the current Corona Virus challenges. Funds can be made available quickly, so don’t delay, talk to us today!

Please call ECS Group on 01482 635400 to discuss your requirements.

Business cashflow

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